Saturday, December 11, 2010

The BigShot project, made for the staff of the University of Columbia, wants to teach also adult children and to mount its propercameras. For this, nothing better of what a dismountable one, not?

The idea is at least interesting. With the proposal of being a “camera for the education”, the BigShot comes all dismounted one. It does not count on all the components gifts in a great camera, but one is necessary any to understand as a digital machine functions.

E beyond the sea of colors to conquer the small ones, the machine can be mounted and disassembled how many times will be necessary, with simple rabbets. It not yet is for sale, but already she is in final phase of tests. Its curious cousin is a good Christmas present for that one who adores to disassemble the things. The site is possible to have more information having access.


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