Thursday, January 13, 2011

First professional filmadora AVCHD of Sony, the NXCAM, must arrive at the national market only after the Christmas. Butif you are to the search of one of the type that serious in 1080p, either perhaps legal to wait the year that comes to be able to compare it with already the available ones in the market.

In accordance with the manufacturer, it is capable to record the 24 Mbps with resolution of 1920 per 1080 pixels. Moreover, it has lenses G of 29,5 millimeters, zoom optic of 20 times and can come armed with 128 GB of memory flash.

System of georreferenciamento, technology of stabilization of image and LCD of 3,2 counts complete the package.

The camera will be available in the national market in January of 2010.


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