Thursday, August 9, 2012

Court Docs Reveal Details of Kim Dotcom's Rough-and-Tumble Arrest

Court testimony from the case of Kim Dotcom, the founder of file-sharing site Megaupload, has been released.

Bloomberg was among those to report on the testimony, noting that a New Zealand police officer said the use of helicopters when arresting Dotcom was "over the top."

Another article about the Dotcom case, from the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia, said that Dotcom claims to have been punched and kicked by police during the raid on his US$25 million mansion.

Reuters also had an article about Dotcom's abuse allegations.

Dotcom was arrested in January on charges of orchestrating the biggest copyright infringement conspiracy in U.S. history. He is believed to have generated more than $175 million from Megaupload, which was a platform for sharing all variety of copyrighted material, including movies, TV shows, books and software.

Born in Germany, Dotcom moved to New Zealand, where he face extradition to the U.S.

Food on the Go

If you shudder at the thought of returning from vacation to a fridge full of spoiled food, you may be in luck.

Tesco, a UK-based multinational grocery store, is launching a trial of Britain's first "interactive grocery store," according to the BBC.

The store features four screens at the departure lounge at London's Gatwick Airport. Customers will use the screens to slide "shelves" and view various products, and will then use a smartphone to scan a barcode. The products will then be delivered to you house the day you return.

The BBC quotes a Tesco marketing manager who says that the company doesn't view this as a gimmick, but as a legitimate venue for shopping.
Chinese Banks Don't Support Firefox, Chrome

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, or ICBC, announced that its Internet banking system is not fully equipped to handle Web browsers besides Internet Explorer, according to

If that weren't antiquated enough, ICBC's e-banking system also encourages users to use IE6, IE 7 or IE8 as opposed to the newer IE9 or IE10.

The lack of browser options is not confined to ICBC, according to Tech In Asia, which cities a Chinese-language article from Someone using Chrome or Firefox might never see the online banking login box appear, which pretty well makes online banking impossible. Same story if someone wants to use Safari, the default browser for Macs.

ICBC does, to its credit, support Firefox -- but only up to Firefox 10.0.x. This is problematic because Firefox has released Version 14.


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