Monday, August 13, 2012

Who Loves Hadoop?

Mention big data and the first thing that might come to mind is Hadoop. The open source software framework has recently enjoyed a great deal of popularity among vendors and enterprise users.

However, if it is to really be useful to the enterprise, Hadoop may need to be taken out of open source, argues Brian Christian, chief technology officer of Zettaset.

"The community serves its needs, not the needs of the enterprise," Christian told LinuxInsider. "Meanwhile, the enterprise has the dollars to drive innovation on its need. In between this chasm are companies like Zettaset that follow and contribute to the community, yet sell features and functionality in our software packages that the community is not focused on."
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The Lowdown on Hadoop

The Apache Hadoop framework enables distributed processing of large datasets across clusters of computers. It's designed to scale up from single servers to thousands of machines.

Each computer in a Hadoop cluster offers its own local computation and storage. Hadoop is designed to detect and handle failures at the application layer so it will continue to be highly available even if some of the computers in the hardware clusters fail.

Hadoop changes the economics and dynamics of large-scale computing because it's scalable, cost Simple Strategies for Enhancing eCommerce Profitability. Click to download white paper. effective, flexible and fault tolerant, IBM says. New nodes can be added as and when required without the need to change data formats; commodity servers can be used to conduct massively parallel computing. Hadoop has no schema, so it can absorb any type of data from any number of sources. When a node goes down, the system redirects work to another instance where the data is stored.
Hadoop's Many Lovers

Yahoo and Facebook are among the largest users of Hadoop; others include Amazon, eBay, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, HP, IBM and Apple.

"Speaking only for Cloudera, four of the top five commercial banks, four of the top five general retailers, four of the top five entertainment companies and all three of the tier-one telecom carriers run Cloudera," Charles Zedlewski, vice president of product at Cloudera, a company that provides Hadoop-based software and services, told LinuxInsider. "A number of" large government agencies and small data-driven startups also run Cloudera.


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