Saturday, January 29, 2011

The country represents the biggest market of cellular telephony of the world, what it generated expectation of the investors of Apple.

The device already is available in approximately 2 a thousand store in the country. The suggested prices more are raised of what in other regions. The version simplest, for example, iPhone 3G of 8GB, will cost 5 a thousand yuan Chinese (about R$1.270).

One of the main differentials of the entrance of iPhone in the country is represented by the absence of connection for Wi-Fi in the equipment. At the beginning of the year, when they had initiated the negotiations between Apple and the operator China Unicom, it invigorated law in the country that determined the withdrawal of the Wi-Fi of all the cellular ones vendidos in the country. The measure was taken the government after Chinese to announce the intention to develop a proper connection of Internet for cellular, the WAPI.

To follow the delivery stated periods, Apple started to produce the devices without the technology. In May, the rules had been modified, allowing that both the connections were used in the cellular ones. However, not to lose the produced equipment, Apple decided to vender the devices without Wi-Fi. Before offering more complete models, the company waits to direct the produced sales of smartphones already.


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