Thursday, January 27, 2011

How the world will be in 2020? The company of Ericsson telecommunications decided to give one of prophet and created some products conceptthat will be able to arrive at the shelves in one decade. The Spider Computer (photo above) is one of them.

The device will incarnate the apex of mobility in the market of gadgets. The archetype, for the time being, packs a projector, reader of memory cards and a projected keyboard in its table by means of laser. What it seems, the system will be equipped with technology of recognition of gestures.

The company still is studying an intelligent way to integrate a lasting battery in the Spider and systems of conectividade, obviously.


There sincerely, he is estranhíssimo to think about changing to mine desktop or notebook for a business of these. But, ahead of all evolution of the technology in last the ten years, I find that this change will be very probable in the next decade. E, until, there appositive that people go to get used with the idea to load something so intelligent in the stock market.

Archetype presented in the Taiwan Broadband show


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