Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Much was said on the cases of rejection of applicatory of the Google Voice in iPhone App Store, but after a good time without touching inthe subject, the Riverturn announced the project “Black Swan”, that it intends to take the VoiceCentral iPhones through one web app for Mobile Safari.
The service what everything indicates already is in phase private beta e, in contrast to a applicatory native, does not require approval of Apple.

It will allow the accomplishment of calls, sending of messages (SMS), access the voice messages, among others things. Two limitations well boats of web apps, however, are that they cannot use the conventional falante of iPhone - to only emit audio for the loudspeaker or saw earphones. Moreover, the native list of contacts of the device cannot be had access, therefore that the VoiceCentral would use of the Google.

The Riverturn not yet announced a specific date for the launching.


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