Monday, October 4, 2010

The idea to place GPS to work as guard of children and people with some mental deficiency is not new. Butthe EmFinders company uses net GSM to fulfill this paper.

With face of clock, but with the black viewfinder, the EmSeeQ, as the product is called, is equipped with technology GSM and, thus, it can exactly show the coordinates inside of building or estacionamentos - limitantes factors for technology GPS.

In the United States, it she is integrated to the emergency services, what she can become the localization and aid of the disappeared people still more agile. The EmSeeQ costs 225 dollars and the monthly service, 25 dollars.

In accordance with the manufacturer, the cost of the searches for disappeared people arrives until the 10 a thousand dollar. Fact that becomes the income-producing service for the pockets and hearts of the families and governments. Or who knows, an excellent alibi for jalousie boyfriends.


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