Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nokia announced that it goes to popularize the GPS in its mobile devices, that is, everybody that to carrya device capable to visualize the service, will count gratuitously on it! From today on, 21 of January, the company announces offers gratuitous of the Ovi service Maps in 10 devices of the company, in the whole world, including GPS guided for voice and its integration the social nets.

Brazil is between the 180 countries that will have access to the service of maps, with tourist points in 3D, and resource of GPS guided for voice in 46 languages (including the Portuguese) for car routes and the foot.

During the ways that you will trace with its device, the service will disponibilizará the integration with the Facebook, creating a direct link of communication with its friends.

In Brazil, the service already can be used in the devices 6710 Nokia 5800 and Navigator and in the next weeks, the N97 model also will be compatible with the service. Until the April end, the base will contemplate 7 devices, including smartphones Nokia E72 and models more popular as the 5230.


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