Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Google liberated, more versions beta of the Chrome for distributions Linux and Mac. These versions of the Chrome already circulate in web and in such a way count on a significant number of users in the platform of free software how much in the operational system of APple. A newness, however, is that now the versions receive the label `beta' from Apple and a guarantee more on the part of the Google of that browser operates of more steady form in the new platforms.

The company promises to launch new betas for Linux and Mac of the Chrome up to 12 of January and the year that comes, waits to improve the stability of the versions of the Chrome. For the time being, the commentaries around the Chrome for Linux and Mac are positive and indicate that the applicatory ones function in steady way.

The Google liberated the use of extensions for Chrome in the Linux system, but not yet it has nothing for the Mac. The available extensions at the moment allow, for example, to personalize the navigator adding subjects or including widgets to read PDFs, beyond other available resources already in the model for Windows.


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