Friday, November 5, 2010

The Technics, an arm of Panasonic specialized in materials for DJs, arrives finally at Brazil. The first device of the line isan earphone, the RP-DH1200PPS, directed to the professionals of music.

Following the classic format of the DJs, headphone has revolving mechanism, to facilitate the placed withdrawal and without causing many estragos. Another bacana detail is the handle removable spiral. That is, in case that it gives some problem, you it will not have that to play the phone it are or to lead in the assistance, is alone to buy a new handle.

In the hour of the sound, the RP-DH1200PPS has capacity of 3.500 kW of power distributed by the 50 millimeters of diameter of the phone. As the idea is the professional public exactly, the price of it is not so good for the common user.


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