Friday, November 5, 2010

Researchers had developed a new tool for security guard tests that use technique of rude force and forehead millions of words in search of the compatible passwords, using a systemdistributed with hundreds of computers, in an arrangement of “cloud computing”.

The service shortens the time expense drastically to uncover a password, that of some days passes to some minutes.

The tool called WPA Cracker makes use of the power of processing of 400 computers. The service is paid and exists two types of research of passwords.

The first one costs US$ 34 and all sweeps the dictionary of 135 million words in 20 minutes. As it uses only 50% of the computational capacity of the distributed system and costs US$ 17. The complete research, in this in case that, it can delay 40 minutes.

If instead of 400 computers in a distributed system an only PC, exactly that equipped was used with a powerful processor as Intel Core i7, the minimum time to break the password would be of five days or more.

The tool was developed to increase the speed of auditorship for tests of penetration in nets WPA and the service functions against the Wi-Fi systems with criptografia WPA and WPA2, since that these possess authentication based on Daily pay Keys (PSK).

In the Wi-Fi keys that use the technology of criptografia WPA, the passwords they must possess eight characters at least and the entrances can use an enormous variety of words and phrases.

To develop the tool, the specialists had carried through a research of used specific terms for who manage or configure roteadores Wi-Fi. In the list he has words written with linguajar “leet” (for example, h4ck3rzz) and used common expressions for technician that finish turning passwords.

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