Sunday, November 7, 2010

With arrendodados cantos and this blue tone baby, of almost pra if to deceive with the Mobile Cinema DVD Projector. But although the infantile jeitão, the device is capable to twirl, direct of the DVD, films in a screen of 50 counts. Detail: without the mediation of a TV.

Fact that extremely becomes it useful for those trips the inhospitable environments that leave until the children more adventurers extreme entediadas. The good notice for greenest, is that it comes equipped with technology LED, what diminishes the energy consumption.

But the empolgação finishes there. The device projects images with resolution of (míseros) 480 for 240 pixels and only 13 lumens. Good part of 000 the domestic projectors has 2 lumens. Therefore, in the distance maximum of it with regard to the wall it is of 2,4 meters. The adjustment of the focus is made manually by means of a toggle species in the back part of the device.

With these specifications, the equipment sharpened my natalina nostalgia to making to remember me a pipoqueira that I earned when it did not have nor one decade of life. It was of brincadeirinha, but, for joy of all my friends of the street, made truth popcorn! Well, the price of this combo of DVD and projector is of 259 dollars. I am certain that my pipoqueira was cheaper…


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