Monday, November 8, 2010

Foreseeing that the recess is thing of the past, Nokia decided to transform one of its cellular ones into a luxury object. It is this there, my friends, device 6700 gained a gold bath.

Exactly announcing that she will cut for the half the number of smartphones in 2010 and after to launch cellular costing up to 20 euros, the Finnish company decided to show that she can be chic, making something that are more common to designers and jewelers around of the world.

Nokia 6700, a cellular one with some good resources, as a camera of 5 megapixels, GPS and 1,2 centimeter of thickness, gained in the specifications the following term: “bathed in gold, 18 carats”. The reason this to have been bred was very not well explained, but we believe the option ostentation.

To try only not to leave this being its main factor, Nokia placed in device one microSD of 8 gigabytes and a list of wallpapers “to complete the good appearance”. As it was of if waiting, it will arrive in “markets selected” in 2010, with price esteem of 370 euros, something not so nonsense close to the 300 euros esteem for the normal edition it 6700.


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