Monday, November 15, 2010

Nokia launched, in day 25 of November, receiver of compatible digital TV with the Brazilian system of transmission, the SBTVD. The SU-33Wb model had its software developed forBrazilian researchers of the Nokia Institute of Technology (INdT), in Manaus, as resulted of the local investments of the company in research and development. With it, the consumer receives the signal from the TV opened in the Brazilian version of standard ISDB-T.

The first one offers of the product will be disponibilizada in Nokia N85, due to its screen of 2,6 counts, that counts on technology Activates Matrix, that it provides better resulted in resolution of image. The intention of the company is to launch the device for Nokia N97 and 5800 Nokia Comes With Music, still in the first semester of 2010. The SU-33Wb also will be vendido separately, from the first trimester of the year that comes.

The use of the module of digital TV SU-33Wb is simple and intuitivo. To use it, the consumer will have to synchronize the receiver with the telephone, by means of the Bluetooth, and to type a password, and immediately already he can syntonize the TV canals. The battery of the SU-33Wb supports up to seven hours of use without interruption.

The special edition Nokia N85 with Digital TV will be available to the consumers from the week that comes in Nokia Store SP and virtual store e, later, in nets of the retail, for the price of R$ 1.599.


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