Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bloodhoud Project promises to reach a new record cMAC a supersonic car that would arrive the 1,610 km/h. Call of Bloodhoud SSC (acronym for Supersonic Car), the machine of six tons will have to reach maximum speed in 40 seconds, thanks to its engine with power of 135 a thousand horses, that is equivalent the 180 Formula cars 1.

In Bristol, the British team disclosed design final of the vehicle that will be directed in 2011 for Andy Green, recordista pilot who already obtained to reach 1,228 km/h with another car. The test will be in a track of the South Africa of 16 kilometers of length and that G in the 3 will exert on the pilot a 2,5 pressure of acceleration and about G in the deceleration.

The project is sponsored by the Ministry of the British Defense, that loaned two engines of the Lockheed Martin company, and by the Intel, that the computer network for the model constructed.


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