Thursday, December 16, 2010

Following the trend, what more than recurrent, of sustainable batteries, the Toshiba will launch in the Japanese market, the Dynario battery that uses methanol to generate energy.

Hybrid, the device of 15 for 2,1 for 7,4 centimeters loads a lithium battery and also can be loaded in the taking. But, with the option to use the combustible innovator of gadgets, appositive that nobody goes to want to come back to this retrógodo skill to recharge equipment.

In accordance with the manufacturer, the tank of the Dynario takes 20 seconds completely to be filled with 14 milliliters of methanol. In sets of five units of 50 milliliters of fuel, the recharges cost the equivalent the 34 dollar.

The Dynario, in turn, will arrive at the Japanese market with labels of 29. 800 yens, or about 328 dollars. For the time being, it does not have a forecast so that this recarregador arrives at the Ocidente.


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