Friday, December 17, 2010

Dell Inspiron Duo for Free

The first units of the Dell Inspiron Duo are already circulating and more details about the device and the prices were disclosed, the striking feature is the new conversion system, which operates under a sliding screen frame, instead of turning it into tablets as Earlier, the screen is still connected to the motherboard via copper wires but Dell has managed to consolidate the threads in a single flat cable that is hidden inside the frame, Dell Inspiron duo works with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium and has a dual-core Intel Atom N550, 2GB RAM, Broadcom Crystal HD graphics, 250GB hard drive (larger capacity hard drive optional), 2 x USB and audio output. A docking station with JBL will also be available as an optional accessory.

And if you want to know more about this amazing product that is already on the market and still have Free Dell Inspiron Duo come to a place where you will find the navigation easy and very enjoyable, with much information about the Dell Inspiron duo.

When it is in tablet mode, the Dell Inspiron duo launches automatically Duo Stage interface that is optimized for use touchscreen and includes a number of features related to social networks, as well as access to applications MusicStage, Videostage, PhotoStage BookStage and, according to Dell Duo has 35 Inspiron teaser plays up the angle of tablets for a bit - even showing a prominent speaker JBL dock - before reaching the really amazing part, Oh, you know, when the screen turns completely over and becomes a netbook then what are you still waiting, come to now and have your Dell Inspiron Duo for Free .

With netbooks, gain mobility without compromising the method of data entry more efficient and the most traditional, keyboard. With the tablet, we gain even more portability and freedom to manage it with your fingers, so very natural and relaxed. Appear to be antagonistic, but Dell has, or promises, merge the two into one product, the Inspiron Duo.


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