Saturday, December 18, 2010

While the invasion of Androids in smartphones continues, there it are one boom of tablets with operational systemof the Google starts to be next. E the Innovative Converged Devices, the ICD, does not want to lose time.

The appositive one of the mark is so great that three models are prepared. But the difference is alone in the size, varying between 7, 11 and 15 counts. Baptisms of Sleek Vega, them already will come with version 2.0 of the Android, more known as Eclair.

But something bacana also calls the attention in the Sleek Vega: the focus was not purely in software. For the specifications, of the one to empolgar itself with the possibilities. Its processor is a NVIDIA Tegra, it can have up to 32 GB it saw microSD and it counts on 512 MB of internal memory. In the part of the connections, Wi-Fi in the standard b/g, Bluetooth 2,1, USB a 2,0 and 3G make the party.

For it are, using the version of 15 counts of base, the measures of tablet are of 37,3 for 25,4 for 1,6 centimeters. The screen has resolution of 1366 for 768 pixels sensible one to the touch. The only claim is that it is resistiva.

The good one is that the newness will have to be shown soon. The ICD promises that the Sleek Vega will be the principal actor I its estande of CES 2010.


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