Monday, January 3, 2011

If 2010 promise to be the year of the equipment in third dimension, the Asus finish to give a ball inside launching first notebook compatible with the technology 3D of the NVIDIA. The model is powerful the G51J, with screen of 15,6 counts illuminated by LED.

The great newness of the machine is the display with tax of update of 120 Hz, capable to provide the depth experience. As our eye enxerga about 60 Hz, half of the images goes for the right side, while to another one it goes for the left.

The configuration of the micron folloies the gas of the games most recent. Its processor is Core i7 720QM, of 1,6 GHz, the memory of 4 GB follows 1.066 standard DDR3 of MHz and the hard disk is of 320 GB. The video plate is a GeForce GTX 260M. The joint wheel Windows 7 Ultimate.


Another prominence of laptop is the powerful sound. It possesss technology EAX 4,0 Advanced HD 3D, that he simulates audio in third dimension. In the practical one, 64 effect improve the sound of 300 compatible games. It is clearly that the loudspeaker Altec Lansing helps very, because of the serious forts.

Pretty, but not very fancy, notebook has dark blue finishing in with grafismos and the shield of the series “Republic of Gamers”. In the part of inside, the prominence goes for the comfortable and illuminated keyboard, with separate buttons. The part of the support to the pulses total is rubberized.

The model also orders well in the connections: it has four doors USB, a HDMI, one eSATA and one mini FireWire. In the configuration that we are evaluating, Asus G51J costs 6,999 Reals and comes with the eyeglasses 3D Vision. To understand which it is of this system of the NVIDIA, sees review complete of the accessory.



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