Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So waited netbook of the Google with Chrome already it would have definite configurations and launching set appointments for end dand 2010, according to IBTimes.

In accordance with the site, micrinho will count on platform NVIDIA Tegra - that is, he will be something seemed with smartbook shown by the Chips manufacturer. The processor will come folloied for storage of 64 GB in SSD and memory of 2 GB.

Another information that left blogueiros of the world all livened up was of that the model will have screen has multitouched of 10,1 counts, with resolution of 1.280 for 720 pixels. In the conectividade, the package goes to be complete: USB, Wi-Fi, 3G integrated, Bluetooth and until optional GPS.

Still according to IBTimes, the machine already would have until esteem price: about 300 dollars, with subsidy of some American mobile operator, not yet defined, in a plan 3G. It is speculated on that netbook would be vendido directly by the site of the Google.

For the amount of details, obviously the notice deserves a distrustful look. Exactly because to define configurations and prices of machines one year before the launching is not a peculiar characteristic of the computer science market and electronic.


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