Sunday, December 26, 2010

The NetApplications company, specialized in measurements online, announced que the Chrome jumped of 3,9% for 4,6% in the taste of the users between November and December of 2009. The Safari, that had 4.4% in November, went up for 4,5% - but it enough not to lose the position in ranking for the rival of the Google.

One of the explanations for this change is in the fact of the Google to have launched, in the passed month, the version Beta of the Chrome for Mac X and Linux. The Google arrived to announce that the final version would be launched in day 12 of January, but came back behind. Something crucial for the success of any browser nowadays is speculated on that the adjournment has to see with the fact of the version Beta Mac not yet to support extensions.

Still in accordance with the NetApplications, Internet Explorer continues descends slope, falling of 63,6% for 62,7% in the preference of the users. The curious one in this last research was to perceive that the Mozilla Firefox, that came in ascending curve has some months, lost space: it fell of 24,7% for 24,6% in participation of November for December.


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