Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Lenovo Group, fourth bigger manufacturer of personalcomputers of the world, disclosed a reformularization in design of its classic line of ThinkPad, and it will for the first time offer laptops with Chips of Advanced Micro Devices.

The announcement was made before the opening of Consumer Electronics Show, annual fair that happens this week in Wools Vegas and the new series of average small ThinkPad will be come back the e companies.

Launched in 1992 for IBM and recognized as one of the precursors in design of laptops, the ThinkPad registered 30 million vendidas units more than. In 2005, the American group vendeu its division of computers for the Lenovo.

The company also is launching a basic model for commercial customers and will offer keyboard of normal size. The X100e, with weight of less than 1,3 kg, will have initial price of US$ 449.


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