Sunday, November 21, 2010

The EA Móbile has a newness for the fans of the family more insane person of Springfield. In this thursday, 17, the store online of Apple announced the launching of: The Simpsons Arcade, first game of amarelinhos for iPhone.

In The Simpsons Arcade, up to two people they can play and choose personages as the Marge, Bart, Smooth Simpson and the chefão of the family, Homer. The game is an livened up history and has six phases and six chefões, as Wiggum and mayor Quimby, who can be loosers with the most unusual weapons that go since one skate until a dust vacuum cleaner. The game was produced in partnership with Michael Prince, one of the writers of the series, and the same conserves well humorado style of the livened up drawing.

Beyond, of The Simpsons Aracade, others two launchings for iPhone that they promise to bombar are Spore Creatures (adaptation of the popular simulator) and Need will be Speed Shift, sequência of the famous game of Need race will be Speed Undercover.

Spore Creatures is an adaptation of the simulator of creatures of 2008 that it very brings developed graphs well and shows to be a carefully developed game for the platform of iPhones. The game is having, however, the function to multiplayer.

In its Shift version, Need will be Speed searchs to better offer control of game, replays and more content to be unblocked during the game, what resulted in a game with better offered appearance already for iPhone.


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