Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The mobile operational system Windows Mobile, of Microsoft, lost the second rank in the North Americanmarket for iPhone, of Apple, second research carried through for the consultoria comScore.

The study it took in account the May month until October of this year. In May, 5,7 million users of the ALONE one of Apple had been evidenced. In July, the number goes up for 6,6 million and, in October, it reaches the peak of 8,9 million.

Windows Mobile, in turn, registered 7 using million in May, fell for 6,6 million in July and recouped for 7,1 million in October.

Between the North Americans, Blackberry, of the Research In Motion, continues reigning absolute in the first rank. In this year, the participation of the platform only went up. In May, they were 12,2 million users, number that went up for 13 million in July and that it closed October with 15 million almost.

A new study of the consultoria it must be presented in January of 2010.


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