Thursday, November 25, 2010

As the tactics of the Google were to supply its Google Phone the employees of the company, it was of if waiting that to the few the informationwere leaking. After some photos and specifications, the three first videos of the device had been made.

The videos had been supplied by the staff of the site The Nexus One (yes, already a site only for the device and its new features) and are very fast exists e without many details. They show only boot of the device and its animation, but it is possible to have an idea on the size of the screen and its format.

To complete, the staff of the site says that he is with the device and this is the two only first ones of many videos. E we support the cause of the creation of more videos, certain? Test of this is that, while wrote this text, plus a video he was inserted, without many information, however again longer.


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