Saturday, November 27, 2010

The technology 3G can suffer a great change in few months. This if everything to walk well in the plans of the Ericsson, thatpresented part of a technology that will raise the speeds in nets 3G until 42Mbps. The technology in question is an evolution of High-Speed Packet Access (HSPA), also known as HSPA+.

Currently, the HSPA offers a theoretical maximum speed of 21 Mbps, even so in practical the users gets well inferior speeds. About 10% of the operators whom they support the service had made upgrade for 21Mbps, according to statisticians of the GSA. To fold the capacity for 42Mbps, the HSPA+ sends given by means of two frequencies, while technology makes the current it by means of one.

Digital Olhar carried through a test with the telephony operators who offer to the service 3G in São Paulo, click here and confers!


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