Monday, November 29, 2010

We admit that, this way, we are fans of conceptions of products. They make in to imagine them a full future not sodistant of gadgets that they really can make the difference. It is the case of the Mag+, e-reader colorful of magazines of the dreams.

We also can say that our heart balances more when the conception is made by some great fish of the industry. Who made this trick of the Mag+ was the Bonnier publishing company, that it publishes reviewed as the Popular Science. What they had made was to place in images the idea of a digital reader of magazines.

Without any specification technique, the video and the images work much more with the idea of that something revolutionary in the way is possible reviewed them. Colored screen, multitouch, interaction never before seen with the substances… It follows below a demonstrative video of the Mag+. It can dribble.


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